About Us

Wallands Community Primary School

Dear Parent,

You have an important decision to make – to choose a Primary School for your child.  In 2003 OFSTED described our school as a “very good school with some excellent features”.  We feel proud of our school and hope you will consider Wallands for your child.

The school is well known for being a very happy, open and vibrant school as well as for the outstanding quality and work of its staff, who are experienced and approachable.  We believe in high standards both in the core subjects and in the more artistic side of the curriculum.  Visitors will find stimulating displays of children’s work throughout the school and there is a strong musical tradition at Wallands.  In addition the school is increasingly strong at PE and computer work.

At Wallands we strive to help children to develop a positive self-image through knowledge of the world and of themselves. The skills of good communication, independence and awareness of self and others, are taught in the context of a clear moral framework. Spiritual values, creative expression and logical thought are encouraged.  It is a school in which clear expectations are set in terms of work and behaviour and where equal access to the curriculum is provided for each child.  Full details of the curriculum are available at the school.

Reception and Key Stage 1 classes are limited to a maximum of 30 and Key Stage 2  to a maximum of 32.  All classes are very well supported by Teaching Assistants with full time assistants in Reception classes.  Our aim is to ensure that all children enjoy school and experience success, whilst also achieving the highest standard of which they are capable.

Yours sincerely,

Brian Davies